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  • 05


    Fully Support the R&D for the Vaccine, Medicilon mRNA Vaccine Bioanalysis Platform

    Medicilon has provided comprehensive support and services for the safety and effectiveness evaluation of various new drugs and vaccines, specifically the research of LNP-mRNA drugs and vaccines, accumulating rich experience. Hence we establish the bioanalysis platform for mRNA vaccines.

  • 04


    Shanghai Medicilon appoints two department vice presidents

    Shanghai Medicilon Inc. recently assigned Dr. Haifeng Yin as the vice president of process chemistry and formulation study, Dr. Baohong Cao as the vice president of pharmacology. 
    Dr. Chunlin Chen, the founder and CEO of Medicilon, welcomed the two and hoped that their participation will bring new innovation and development momentum to Medicilon, bringing a higher level of industry insight and strategic guidance.

  • 04


    Medicilon assists HG381 to be approved as STING agonist

    HG381 is new molecular entity developed by HitGen based on the DNA-encoded compound Library (DEL) technology and small molecule new drug research and development platform.As a leading R&D partner of HitGen, Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) provided preparation R&D services for HG381. 

  • 03


    Medicilon assists Livzon to obtain the clinical approval of novel coronavirus vaccine

    Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. (Livzon) obtained a "novel coronavirus recombinant protein vaccine" (V-01) clinical trial approval from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) (Batch No. 2021L90001, 2021L90002, 2021L90003).  V-01 is to prevent diseases caused by novel coronavirus infection.

  • 02


    Pharmacology models for inflammatory immune diseases

    The preclinical pharmacology department of Medicilon has been deeply involved in this field for many years, and has provided a variety of stable and reliable animal models for different targets and pathways for the evaluation of inflammatory immune disease treatments in order for the successful clinical transformation.