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  • 創薬化学


    Medicilon’s Chemistry department has more than 100 chemists, who are experienced in the cooperation with major domestic and international pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our services cover a variety of research interests in novel drug research, including target validation, hits evaluation, lead optimization, candidate nomination, preclinical development and IND filing.

  • 触媒スクリーニングサービスプラットフォーム



  • 連続流化学技術サービスプラットフォーム



  • 合成化学


    As a CRO service provider, we have a strong synthetic chemistry team with solid analytical chemistry support. We are committed to provide high quality products and services in a timely manner. With professional trainings, close communication and strong problem-solving abilities, our team could ensure projects progress is going smoothly.

  • プロセス化学


    Medicilon is a comprehensive CRO in the field of biology and medicine. We commit to provide integrated and efficient service. Our unique “tailored” process development mode also fully embodies this idea. We can collaborate with the clients to get target compound as soon as possible.

  • 分析化学


    Chemical Analytical Center of Medicilon provides general analysis and purification services for the clients. Our experts have rich experience and proficient skills to solve problems. We are highly appreciated by the clients.

  • 製剤化予備検討


    With a very small quantity of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or druggable candidate molecules, Medicilon’s pre-formulation service can provide valuable information and expertise to guide the compounds to next steps. Our pre-formulation team has extensive experience on handling a wide range of compounds and we can suggest the path forward for early success.

  • 分析方法開発と品質コントロール


    Medicilon provides full range of analytical services, including method development and validation, analytical testing and release, stability study, large scale separation and regulatory CMC documentation services. State-of-the-art instruments, cutting-edge technologies and experienced scientific staff ensure efficient, high-quality and cost-effective services.