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Preclinical Cardiac Safety Assessment Study Platform by Medicilon

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Cardiac safety assessment is an important factor that all kinds of new drugs must be investigated before entering clinical trials. It is also one of the most important and difficult ones in early clinical research of innovative drugs. During recent years, some of the drugs that have been put into clinical use have received widespread attention from drug safety regulators and drug companies because of their potential cardiac toxicity. As a one-stop pharmaceutical R & D integrated outsourcing service CRO with extensive experience of expert team, Medicilon can provide a multi-level preclinical cardiac safety assessment services from cell to the whole animals.

High Performance Prediction of drug reliability in early cardiac safety pharmacology is particularly important for reducing the potential adverse effects of clinical studies.  At present, there are only few one-stop pharmaceutical R & D services CROs in China, which could comply with GLP standard and provide IND filing of cardiac safety assessment.  As one of the few of them, the details of Medicilon’s services are as following:

In Vitro Safety Pharmacology Research
Elucidating the adverse effects of non-acting target adverse reactions (ADR) and unequal response to targets will help the compounds to avoid potential adverse reactions by subsequent in vivo experiments.
- Study on the mechanism of action of lead compounds
- To detect the effect of compounds on hERG ion channels and provide a comprehensive evaluation of cardiac safety in various stages of drug screening and development

- Cell level detection

In Vivo Safety Pharmacology Research
- The noninvasive telemetry system observes the changes in electrocardiogram and hemodynamics of whole animals and continuously monitors the effects of drugs on the cardiovascular system.

Some of the Instruments for Preclinical Cardiac Safety Assessment

 Patch Clamp

  DSI Full Implanted Telemetry System

DSI JET Vest Telemetry System

Advantages of Medicilon’s Preclinical Cardiac Safety Assessment
- Cost-effective, Short researching cycle, Fast startup projects time
- The team of experts has an extensive experience in providing solutions

- As a one-stop pharmaceutical R & D outsourcing CRO, by providing the information on cardio toxicity assessment in the early period, this could help Medicilon for screening higher cardiac safety factor candidate compound through our chemical, pharmacodynamics, pharmaceutical and preparation services or platforms.

For more information, please refer to the below website.

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