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  • Chunlin Chen, Ph.D. CEO

    Formally a Staff Investigator for Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Chen co-founded Medicilon in 2004. Dr Chen is a highly published thought leader in the pharmaceutical industry with extensive experience in academia, pharmaceutical, and regulatory evaluation. Dr. Chen received his PhD from Oklahoma State University and completed postdoctoral training in the United States. He is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and has held numerous leadership positions in professional scientific trade organizations in China as well as other parts of the world. 

  • Guolin Wang, MBA, Chief Operating Officer

    Mr. Wang holds a masters degree in business administration from the open university of Hong Kong. Before joining Shanghai Medicilon Inc. in 2008, Mr. Wang has 9 years of middle and senior level management experience in China Telecom, a large-scale state-owned enterprise, and 6 years of senior management experience in China Unicom, a listed company at home and abroad, as well as 3 years of senior management experience in investment management and health care industry. He served as Deputy General Manager in the municipal branch of China Telecom and China Unicom. He also served as General Manager in a health care investment company. He has rich experience on management and investment.

  • Xingchu Gu,Ph.D. VP, Preclinical Research

    Dr. Gu was Director of the Toxicology Research Department at the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry – China and Executive Director of the National Shanghai Center for New Drug Safety Evaluation and Research – China. He is the GLP expert of the China State Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Gu was a visiting scholar in the German Houchst Pharmaceutical Company where he did drug preclinical research for two years. He also did short-term visits to GLP laboratories in United States, Canada and Australia. Dr. Gu was the project leader of 973 national projects and a total of 7 projects granted by National Youth New Drug Fund and the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality-China. Dr. Gu also received the second prize for Science and Technology Advancement awarded by the Shanghai Municipality-China. He is the member of CFDA, GLP expert group and Chinese Society of Toxicology.

  • Jianguo Ma, Ph.D. VP of Chemistry

    Dr. Jianguo Ma received his Organic Synthesis PhD at University of Montreal. Dr. Ma is also the postdoctoral fellow at Department of Chemistry of Harvard University. He was a former senior technical researcher for AstraZenac and Sepracor/Sunovion. Dr. Ma returned to China in 2012 and he served as VP of Research and Development for Asymchem, a listed company, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Chongqing Boteng Pharmacy Technology Co., Ltd. Dr. Ma has fruitful experience on research and development of first class new drug. He has leaded and participated in a number of major innovative drugs and generic drug research projects. Dr. Ma also has a wealthy experience in the research and development of APIs and intermediates. Dr. Ma has developed more than 20 APIs and intermediates in a cost-effective production process. Dr. Ma also vigorously develops the new technologies including continuous reactions and biocatalysis and applies these technologies to commercial production.

  • Xiaodong Zhang Ph.D VP, Preclinical Research

    Dr. Zhang was the VP of Preclinical Research, Deputy Director of Department of Health Toxicology, SMMU; Deputy Director of Center for Evaluation of Drug Safety, SMMU; Drug Reviewer of Center for Drug Evaluation , CFDA and expert for Drug Consulting, Center for Drug Evaluation , CFDA.

  • Jinna Cai, Ph.D. VP of Business Development

    Dr. Cai completed her whole high-level education in China Pharmaceutical University from Bachelor to Ph.D. Her doctoral research is cooperative with Institution of Natural Medicine of University of Toyama. Later, she worked in Postdoctoral workstation of Shanghai Institution of Meteria Medica. She contributes herself to new drug development and research for over twenty years. Her research on a Chinese Traditional medicine named Fructus Cnidii was awarded the first award for Science and Technology Progress by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1991 and National Awards for Science and Technology Grade I in 1992. She has served in Huiren Group as director of R&D Center for 5 years in charge of new drug development and application, most of which has been approved. Thereafter, she mastered the whole procedure of new drug application. She was awarded one of the top 10 employees by Huiren Group and Excellent Management Individual of Provincial Technological Center during the “10th –five-year “by Jiangxi Province. Dr. Cai joined Medicilon in July 2008.

  • Guodong Li, Ph.D. VP of CMC

    Dr. Li obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmacy from The Second Military Medical University. After obtaining his Ph.D., Dr. Li worked in College of Pharmacy at The Second Military Medical University as a Senior Professor for 20 years. Besides teaching in the University, Dr. Li also worked as a researcher on the pharmaceutical product development. After 20 years of teaching and before joining Medicilon, Dr. Li was the VP and Chief Engineer of BioAsia Pharmaceutical. Dr. Li has an extensive experience in pharmacy. He has published more than 40 scientific research papers. As an editor, 5 monographs have been edited by Dr. Li. In addition, Dr. Li has participated in the “863 Project”. In 2008, Dr. Li received “The Third Class Military Award”. Dr. Li joined Medicilon in 2014.

  • Peter H Rehse, Ph.D., VP of Biology and Business Development in EU

    Peter Hugo Rehse, as Vice President of Medicilon since 2007, has more than twenty year experience as a scientist specializing in macromolecular crystallography and analysis. He received his bachelor and master degree in Canada and received his Ph.D. in Crystallography from the University of London, England. Dr. Rehse communicates with English, German, French, and Japanese. His projects have ranged from basic science to direct applications to the pharmaceutical industry conducted in internationally acclaimed facilities and institutes in Germany (Max Plank), Canada (NRC) and Japan (RIKEN), which the RIKEN Protein 3000 project solving a large number of crystal structures. Just before joining Medicilon, he worked as a Visiting Scientist of Structural Biology in Intstitute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China. He joined Medicilon at the end of 2007, in charge of structural biology.

  • Mingzhu Zhang Ph.D, VP of Business Development in US

    Dr. Mingzhu Zhang resides in San Diego, California, USA and she is responsible for business development in U.S. on behalf of Medicilon. Dr. Zhang holds a Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC) and was a post-doctoral fellow in The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and Vanderbilt University. She has over three years postdoctoral experiences, one year CRO, over seven years experience in pharmaceutical industry including DuPont Pharmaceuticals and Neurocrine Biosciences and over 8 years of business development with Medicilon. Her broad background includes: medicinal chemistry (CNS and oncology), custom synthesis, peptide chemistry, nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry. In addition, Dr. Zhang is the president of San Diego SABPA, a volunteer based non-profit professional organization. Dr. Zhang has a great combined talent in drug discovery and business development.