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Dr. Jun Wang, VP of Biology, was invited to attend the 2016 CABA Annual Conference

著者:   アップロード:2016-06-06  閲読回数:

    Medicilon, as a sponsor, congratulates CABA to host the 2016 Annual Conference successfully on April 30 at Boston.  The annual conference consists of several academic reports, with fruity contents for the attendees.  Both CABA and Medicilon received a lot of affirmative feedback and appreciation from the attendees.  Once again, we sincerely congratulate to CABA for the great annual conference.


    Dr. Jun Wang, Medicilon’s VP of Biology, was invited to give the presentation with the topic of “ The Perspective of Pharmaceutical and CRO Industry in China.”  Dr. Wang has been engaging with pharmaceutical researches for many years, especially accumulated studying and working experiences overseas. 


    Regarding the presentation, Dr. Wang firstly shared his research achievement of his discovery in anti-bacterial profile of platensimycin and plantencin.  In addition, Dr. Wang further explained the platensimycin on anti-diabetes.


    Second, in order to encourage the overseas talents returning to China, Dr. Wang introduced the opportunities and challenges in working, investment and starting the business according to his personal experiences.


    At Last, Dr. Wang further stated the successful collaboration between the CRO (Medicilon) and the China pharmaceutical companies in details, including utilized the existing technical platform and integrated resources to develop the new drugs.  This could bring the win-win situation for both entities in the end.


    Please find the presentation slides of Dr. Wang as below.

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