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Integrated Projects

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Integrated Projects

Medicilon also offers other services including but not limited to evaluation of compound medicines, chemical drugs, biological drug development and IND filing.

  • Pharmaceutical Research CDMO Service Platform

    Pharmaceutical Research CDMO Service Platform

    Medicilon One-Stop Pharmaceutical Research CDMO is an integrated platform that integrates "APIs + Preparations", and is committed to the technological innovation optimization and commercialization of global pharmaceutical processes, from product development, quality research, quality control, production and declaration to help the new drug research and development in saving time and cost for enterprises.

  • Solid Form Screening Platform

    Solid Form Screening Platform

    The solid screening platform of Medicilon process department strictly complies with the registration regulations and regulatory requirements of China NMPA, FDA and other regulatory authorities, studies and controls the solid morphology of drug molecules in API and preparations, and can formulate the optimal screening strategy according to the material characteristics, including but not limited to crystallization method, solvent selection and ion selection.

  • Medicilon  Preclinical Research for Cellular Immunotherapies

    Medicilon Preclinical Research for Cellular Immunotherapies

    Medicilon has built a one-stop research platform for the preclinical R&D of cellular immunotherapies, covering a variety of immunotherapy methods including CAR-T, TCR-T and CAR-NK. Using a wealth of animal models and a variety of advanced analysis techniques, comprehensively considering the characteristics of different research projects, Medicilon has completed numerous pre-clinical projects for clients worldwide.

  • Skin Topical Preparation R&D

    Skin Topical Preparation R&D