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Medicilon will participate 15th Annual Discovery on Target Conference

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15th Annual Discovery on Target Conference will be held in Boston, MA from Sept 25-29.  Medicilon will setup a booth during the conference.  Both of our Chemistry and Biology VP, Dr. Huanming Chen and Dr. Jun Wang, will attend the conference along with our Boston representative, Dr. Wendy Liu.  Please feel free to visit our booth No. 508 and meet with our VPs for further information on our services.


The 15th Annual Discovery on Target Conference is hosted by Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI).  CHI is the preeminent life science network for leading researchers and business experts from top pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organizations. CHI’s portfolio of products includes Cambridge Healthtech Institute Conferences, Insight Pharma Reports, Cambridge Marketing Consultants, Barnett International, Cambridge Meeting Planners and Healthtech Publishing, which includes Bio-IT World, Clinical Informatics News and Diagnostics World.

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