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Innovative Research and Development Services Professional Committee established

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In recent years, the environment of biological new drug development has improved rapidly. From the policy environment of new drug research and development, the State has gradually intensified its funding and support for innovative medicine projects, in addition, the management of new drug registration and the protection of intellectual property have been gradually improved, and a combination of the pharmaceutical innovation system is gradually established. However, because biomedical innovation industry has such characteristics as large investment in research and development, high risk of failure and long period of research and development, bio-pharmaceutical enterprises are eager to seek new innovative mode and break through their limitations.

The Professional Committee for Innovation and Research Services was established in March 17, 2018. The First Committee was supported by Ruilin Song that the chairman of China Pharmaceutical Innovation Promotion Association, Lan Feng that the secretary general of China Pharmaceutical Innovation Promotion Association. And initiated by Lingshi Tan Ph.D., the chairman of dMed Biopharmaceutical, Dan Zhang Ph.D., the chairman of Fountain Medical Development Ltd., Hao Hong Ph.D., the chairman of Asymcham and Chunlin Chen Ph.D., the chairman of Medicilon inc. and Danyi Wen Ph.D., the chairman of Shanghai LIDE Biotech Co, Ltd.  

The Professional Committee is the pharmaceutical industry to optimize the use of resources to improve the efficiency of innovation and research of the important technical support. As a platform for drug research communication, it is committed to promoting the overall level of drug innovation research and development services in China, making full use of the resources of the industry, reducing the cost of drug research and improving efficiency.

As one of the initiators of the Commission, Medicilon has been committed to the preclinical pharmacology and toxicology experiments for many years. Medicilon has been check by the drug supervision and administration department, and its animal laboratory facilities have been obtained AAALAC (International Animal Assessment and Certification association) certification and China Food and Drug Administration GLP Certificate, and been up to the United States Food and Drug Administration GLP standards.  After years of development, Medicilon become a comprehensive technical service platform in conformity with international standards, which combined with compound synthesis, compound activity screening, structural biology, pharmacodynamics evaluation, pharmacokinetics evaluation, toxicological evaluation, pharmaceutical research and new drug registration. Now, it has been recognized by the International Drug Administration Department. There is no doubt that, Medicilon will remain true to our original aspiration, deep ploughing, and with industry colleagues to promote the development of innovative drugs in China.

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