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Medicilon Tumor Animal Model Debut SAPA DC 2017 Annual Scientific Seminar

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    SAPA-DC 2017 Annual Scientific Seminar came to an end in Rockville, Maryland, USA on April 1, 2017.

    During the meeting, Dr. Wang Jun, VP of Medicilon’s biology department, gave his speech on the “Animal Models in Drug Discovery on Immunotherapy at Medicilon”. He shared the latest developments of tumor animal model and part of technical data of Medicilon.

    The conference gathered in the field of scientific research, clinical practice of medicine and policy supervision and other fields of experts and scholars on the scene of the most cutting-edge cancer immunotherapy.  The 200 experts and scholars travelled from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and China's domestic pharmaceutical industry.

    As an important business partner of the seminar, Dr. Wang Jun said, "It is a great honor to be able to introduce Medicilon’s entire animal model library, including the tumor animal model to the world's regional pharmaceutical industry counterparts.

    Medicilon attaches great importance to the pharmaceutical research and development technology to make sure that we master the cutting edge techniques of this part.

    Medicilon has attended a lot of large academic exchange meeting such as SAPA. Collaboration and win-win are our mission as well as our vision of globalization.

    Medicilon has a complete animal model library, including more than 200 kinds of tumor models and 50 kinds of disease models available for domestic and foreign customers.

    On the more popular models in recent years, such as orthotropic transplantation model, humanized tumor transplantation model, genetically modified model and etc., Medicilon’s current level of technology for them is mature and stable.

Followings are the part of contents from Dr. Wang Jun speech: