Integrated Projects

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Integrated Projects

Medicilon also offers other services including but not limited to evaluation of compound medicines, chemical drugs, biological drug development and IND filing.

  • Chemical Compound Druggability Assessment

    Chemical Compound Druggability Assessment

    We utilize medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry to design and synthesize drug-like templates and libraries of compounds to increase our clients' compound collections. The annual capacity of library production is more than 100,000 compounds.

  • Chemical Drug Development

    Chemical Drug Development

    Medicilon’s Chemistry department provides custom synthesis, medicinal chemistry, focus library preparation, chemical drug development and process and scale-up synthesis.

  • Bio Drug Development

    Bio Drug Development

    Medicilon has extensive research experience in bio drug development. From initial construction of cDNA library to drug design, as well as from protein purification to structural determination and assays, we provide a complete set of biological services.

  • IND Filing

    IND Filing

    Our one-stop comprehensive integrated service utilizes our Biology, Chemistry and Preclinical services for the convenience of our clients. This route features the insight and expertise of our entire management team and a more economical solution to advancing your breakthroughs.